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 has produced a lot of licensed paralegals in the last several years, and they have been actively working in various fields.  International Pacific University



Our Online Paralegal Course is for 4 months. A community college or other law schools have the paralegal program for 1 ½ years, 3 hour per week, but International Pacific School of Law offers the course 12 hours per week to finish the full program within 4 month.


When you finish our course, you’ll receive the paralegal license from school.  With the license, you can officially be a public paralegal by registering at the government office and obtaining the related bond.

Upon graduation, you’ll obtain 4 different kinds of licenses, including notary public. You can also purchase the immigration bond and achieve the license for immigration consultation. You can say our paralegal course is quite popular for golden opportunity to achieve several licenses the state government acknowledges in only 4 months of time.


Lots of moms or retired professionals have taken our paralegal course because of relatively easy accomplishment and employment after the course. You have options to choose to open your own business or work at law firms. It is a big advantage to get through economic hardship we have these days and to have a career as long as you need. 


You can take our online class at anywhere and at any time at your convenience.  Our online classes are great for people who cannot attend in-person classes, for elders who do not have transportation at hand or full time workers who do not have much time for classes during the daytime.


Also this paralegal course includes other state law information for people outside California, so they can work in their own state without problems.


Also students who take our paralegal course will receive scholarship if they wish to enroll for JSD program.  


Paralegal license can be used to work as government officer or at a bank, an insurance company, a movie studio, or any big corporation and make high income you desire.


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International Pacific University